Internet connection

  packfan 06:04 27 Apr 09

3 computers in house, Wireless network.1 computer will not connect to internet. When I go to "view available wireless networks" it shows me not connected. I highlight and type in my wep and it shows me connected. the icon on the task bar shows connected,yet it will not connect to the internet.When I go back into "view available wireless networks" I hit disconnect and it won't disconnect,yet it still shows connected(with no internet connection). Any ideas?

  mgmcc 08:50 27 Apr 09

Reboot the computer and "Connect" to the wireless network. When it shows as Connected, open a Command Prompt window ("start > Run", type CMD and click OK) and, at the prompt, type...


...and press Enter. This will show details of all network adapters in the PC. Check to see what IP address the wireless adapter has.

If "Connected" properly, it should probably have a 192.168.x.x address with Subnet Mask

If it hasn't Connected, it may have a 169.254.x.x address, which won't connect to the router or the internet.

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