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  coubury 17:04 16 Feb 07

i have 3 pc's running on the same netowrk one via ethernet the other via usb and the other via wireless, i have just about 8 meg broadband speed, now my problem is mine is connected via ethernet but is really slow with browsing pages and downlaoding etc,

i ran a speed test on the bt websidte the result was 8124 downstream speed

but my computer is very slow at loading pages etc even downlaoding of newgroups (which is ment to go as high as your isp will alow) now the fist week when i upgraded everything was fine the pc fast at laoding pages i was getting speeds of 700/800 kb/s downloading,

but now its like 20/30 even off usually fast ftps

is there anything i can do like change setting etc

im not using any firwalls by the way and iv ran a few virus/spyware scans and nothing!

  Woolwell 18:24 16 Feb 07

Is this happening with all 3 PC's coonected to the internet? Try your system with just it connected.

  coubury 22:45 16 Feb 07

it improves abit but not much

  woodchip 22:48 16 Feb 07

Any number of reasons can cause this, Slow loading can just be down to the servers you are accessing, Or the route your ISP takes

  coubury 23:01 16 Feb 07

nah i doubt its the servers it is anything i goto

  Dipso 23:19 16 Feb 07

Do the other PC's get the full speed at the same time? Who's your ISP? You mentioned newsgroup problems...could the ISP be throttling the connection?

  coubury 23:26 16 Feb 07

im with bt

maybe they are throttling it is there any way to find out mate

  rohankm 05:58 19 Jan 08


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