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  Abel 09:10 17 Oct 06

I’m getting indifferent reception when connecting to the Internet, Wanadoo, either with Internet Explorer or Outlook Express. There are occasions when, although Outlook Express will rapidly check for e-mails, Internet Explorer will hang with the comment ‘finding site followed by a number’ or ‘web site found waiting for a reply.’ There are other occasions when only part of the web site downloads and then hangs for what seems an absolute age. Conversely, there are times when neither seems able to connect with the Wanadoo server. I have a feeling that the problem could lie with my machine, unless you know otherwise. I will greatly appreciate help and advice from those of you who understand these things.


  Gongoozler 09:24 17 Oct 06

Are you on dial-up or broadband?
Have you tried a speed test such as click here or click here

  recap 09:24 17 Oct 06

Check that all you settings in Tools/Internet Options are correct. One thing to look for is the Proxy Server setting, this I would think should not be enabled.

  Abel 10:36 17 Oct 06

Gongoozler my Internet connection is Broadband. I tried both the speed tests you suggested but haven't a clue how to interpret the results. The McAfee test showed: File Size 150.005KB Time Elapsed 33.578 seconds. The ASDL Guide showed: Downstream 572.7 Kbps and Upstream 241.8 Kbps.

recap I did as you suggested and everything appears OK. I confirm that the Proxy Server is not enabled


  Stuartli 10:43 17 Oct 06

This may explain it:

click here

  Abel 10:48 17 Oct 06

Stuartli I live in a rural part of North Devon and I have heard on local radio Judi Spiers, a well known radio and TV presenter, complaining bitterly about her Wanadoo Broadband connection, so you may well be right.


  Stuartli 10:58 17 Oct 06

Ah, Judi Spiers of Pebble Mill fame.

Glad she's still around - very bubbly presenter.

  Jak_1 14:00 17 Oct 06

I lost connection art about 3pm yesterday, was able to get through to the helpline at the first attempt and not on hold. A recorded message told me what was what. Back up and running sometime between 2 am and 2pm today (sleep and work time).

Ah Judy Spiers, I remember her from Westcountry TV, saw he drunk more than a few times in the Royal Naval Hospital Staff bar in Plymouth :-)

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