internet connected but cannot find server/display

  daisypol 11:22 30 May 06

After a number of problems ie slow system, crashing, mouse dithering and settings not saved I received an error message 1402. I changed my internet security from Panda to Zone Alarm and removed Panda from the registry. I scanned for virus etc, backed up the registry and carried out scan reg/fix (the solution to error 1402). All problems appeared to be resolved until I tried to connect to the internet and I now cannot display any page at all and I get the "cannot find server/page cannot be displayed message". My broadband connection seems to be ok (I've done a ping test and get 4 responses) -I'm currently using my internet connection with another computer without any probs so assume the problem is with the machine that I've fiddled with! I am using windows ME have done the "detect internet connections" bit and I'm struggling to know what else I should be doing ....any suggestions?... (despite the waffle I'm not a techy ... just follow instructions!)

  Belatucadrus 11:32 30 May 06

First thought is to check the connection properties and make sure that TCP/IP internet protocol is ticked in the network options.

  aluri 11:35 30 May 06

or the settings in it may effect.look at the tools/internet options/then restore all the tabs their default. try now. or else download mozilla firefox net browser and try with it. ur problem may be almostly solved.

  daisypol 12:07 30 May 06

Thanks both of you -tried those but still not working - I can't download from Mozilla 'cos I can't access any pages at all...any other suggestions?

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