International ISPs that dont need IOUs

  orwell that endswell 17:57 01 Aug 05

I'm a travelling writer and I've been looking for an ISP that will allow me international access without costing an arm and a leg.

Of the big corps, AOL charges a £6 an hour surcharge on top of souped up local tariffs (+ monthly fee) in the country I want to go to. Smaller companies like look better but their dial up service is very slow and their broadband costs 25 cents a minute - which at $15 an hour works out close to the AOL standard.

Does anyone have any ideas for affordable international access?


  harristweed 18:29 01 Aug 05

Here in spain, there are several


There must be others around Europe

  stalion 18:32 01 Aug 05
  orwell that endswell 19:55 01 Aug 05

I'm not looking for a cheap or free ISP so much as one ISP that allows me international access whichever country I am in. I'm traveling to Israel, Canada and the UK in the course of writing and I dont want to change my e-address every month or two. The problem I'm finding is that all the smaller companies seem to offer similar deals to AOL in terms of price. Any suggestions on this topic gratefully received

  Eastender 21:34 01 Aug 05

Try putting "international internet access" in Google, try click here

  orwell that endswell 00:19 02 Aug 05

you think i found this website but didn't try that?

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