Internal wireless card - I apologise in advance

  scubydoo 21:03 11 Aug 06

I'm really sorry if this sounds relly dumb. I havn't a clue what I am doing as I'm a total alien to computer software...and installing/setting things up.

I have the free wireless router from AOL -Netgear DG834G. I have followed the instructions on the set-up cd included and everything was going fine. I managed to get the broadband working whilst using the ethernet cable. However I only have a laptop and no fixed pc. I want to get it so I can use my laptop wireless(ly).

The instructions on the set-up cd make no sense. I tried to follow some instructions I found eleswhere on this forum, but could not find an adress in my Netgear pack to put into the Explorer Bar. I found one when I did a search but when I put it in Explorer it asks for a username and password?

The only thing I am thinking it could be is that my laptop does not have a wireless card inside and so I need to buy one. However the laptop which was originally my dads (bought about 3 yrs ago) and he is as sure as he can be that the man who sold it to him said it did have an internal wireless card thingy. Its an acer aspire 1355lc, and having done a search it says it has Wired LAN 10/100, is this the same thing? Does anyone know if it does indeed have an internal card?

Sorry for going on a bit, its just I am trying to put as much information down as possible in the desperate bid that someone can help me.

Anyone? Please?

  FelixTCat 21:14 11 Aug 06


The laptop does NOT have a wireless adapter - you can only connect with the router by ethernet cable.

If you want to connect wirelessly you will have to buy a pca or USB wireless adapter. However, if you are happy with the wired connection, then I would leave it as it is.



  scubydoo 21:16 11 Aug 06

Right, well glad thats sorted, I can stop trying to put a square peg in a round whole now.


btw, which do you recommend a pca or a USB adapter?

  ade.h 21:39 11 Aug 06

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