Internal speaker volume in HP Compaq computer.

  thumbscrew 18:06 PM 07 May 13

I have an HP Compaq D2400 , running Windows 7.Can anyone tell me if it's possible to alter the volume level of the internal speaker? I know how to turn it off completely, but unfortunately that turns off my two external speakers completely. Also, I have an icon on my marked "Roaming", can anyone tell me what that is please?

  Ian in Northampton 18:33 PM 07 May 13

Thumbscrew: I've never heard of being able to change the volume on the internal speaker. Can I ask - why do you want to? And - "on my" - what? :-)

  onthelimit1 18:43 PM 07 May 13

If you mean the built in stereo speakers, surely they turn off when you plug in the external ones to the headphone socket?

  thumbscrew 19:06 PM 07 May 13

Hello Ian, sorry got distracted when typing...should have been "On my desktop". Regarding the speaker, I have two external speakers-my main ones-connected. The internal speaker has...or is stuck on, a very low volume. I have to leave it on, if I turn it off completely my main ones turn off too.If I can find a way to alter the volume,then I can lower it or even turn it right up and use it as my main, rather than the aforementioned current two.

  thumbscrew 19:08 PM 07 May 13

Hi onthelimit, it's a single built in speaker and the external ones aren't connected to the headphone socket but plugged into a USB at the rear.

  Ian in Northampton 08:43 AM 08 May 13

Interesting. I'd always believed that the internal speaker in a PC was only for 'system sounds' and that you couldn't actually use it for any other purpose. Sorry, I can't help - and I can't help on the roaming question either... :-(

  michaelw 08:48 AM 08 May 13

Control Panel/Sound/Playback/Properties, highlight Speakers and Headphones, then you can fiddle with the options.


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