Internal speaker volume in HP Compaq computer.

  thumbscrew 07 May 13

I have an HP Compaq D2400 , running Windows 7.Can anyone tell me if it's possible to alter the volume level of the internal speaker? I know how to turn it off completely, but unfortunately that turns off my two external speakers completely. Also, I have an icon on my marked "Roaming", can anyone tell me what that is please?

Thumbscrew: I've never heard of being able to change the volume on the internal speaker. Can I ask - why do you want to? And - "on my" - what? :-)

  onthelimit1 07 May 13

If you mean the built in stereo speakers, surely they turn off when you plug in the external ones to the headphone socket?

  thumbscrew 07 May 13

Hello Ian, sorry got distracted when typing...should have been "On my desktop". Regarding the speaker, I have two external speakers-my main ones-connected. The internal speaker has...or is stuck on, a very low volume. I have to leave it on, if I turn it off completely my main ones turn off too.If I can find a way to alter the volume,then I can lower it or even turn it right up and use it as my main, rather than the aforementioned current two.

  thumbscrew 07 May 13

Hi onthelimit, it's a single built in speaker and the external ones aren't connected to the headphone socket but plugged into a USB at the rear.

Interesting. I'd always believed that the internal speaker in a PC was only for 'system sounds' and that you couldn't actually use it for any other purpose. Sorry, I can't help - and I can't help on the roaming question either... :-(

  michaelw 08 May 13

Control Panel/Sound/Playback/Properties, highlight Speakers and Headphones, then you can fiddle with the options.


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