internal mic not working in windows 7 on new samsung laptop

  henry1 29 Jun 12

I have a new samsung laptop I7 processor running windows 7, I am out of the country and tried to phone with skype I could hear ok but not speak. Checked the settings and it appears to be asking for an external mic but there is an opening in the case with a mic symbol for an internal mic so how do I get it to work. henry1

  Nontek 29 Jun 12

In Skype have a look at Tools>Options>Audio Settings to make sure that the mic is shown, perhaps via the drop-down arrow alongside name of mic. Also try a Sound Test Call.

  henry1 30 Jun 12

The problem is in the computer, if I try the sound recorder it dosnt pick up sound, if I plug in my earphones from my smasung phone they work in reverse as a mic and I can record but it looks like the built in laptop mic is not being detected

  onthelimit1 30 Jun 12

If you do as Nontek suggested, what do you see in the microphone drop-down menu of Skype?

  Woolwell 30 Jun 12

"opening in the case with a mic symbol" - that could be where you attach an external mic. Having said that most laptops have a built in mic. What model of Samsung laptop is it?

  henry1 30 Jun 12

In the skype drop down menue for microphone it is showing realtek audio but doing the echo test with skype I hear the skype message but not the record of my voice. The small opening in the case is a pinhole on the left side of the trackpad with a mic symbol eched in the case. The samsung is a chronos I7 15.4" screen I think it's quite a new model and expensive. I have just made a call on skype using my samsung phone earphones in the jack plug down on the side of the laptop listening in one and using the other earphone as a mic so skype is working but not the built in mic

  Nontek 30 Jun 12

Hmm, I have just read a review on the laptop, it would appear that you will need an external mic in order to make proper use of Skype etc. From what I can see there is no internal mic!

  Nontek 30 Jun 12

Do you not have a User Manual on disc, should have come with the laptop! User Manual will tell you all you need to know.

First thing I did when I bought new laptop was to print the User Manual, so I know all about my laptop, from Novatech!

  Nontek 30 Jun 12

Hmm, just read another Review, apparently there is an in-built mic, so I would expect there to be a F key switch to activate the mic - you will need to consult your User Manual as the F key required does not show up on the reviews I have read.


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