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  johnofleeds 21:44 PM 17 Apr 12

Hello I have an old vaio pcv-v1/g(it's a bit like an early mac with all componants-ie motherboard dvd and memory in the behind the monitor) and it's dvd drive won't be detected upon startup in the bios it's about 7 years old and the drive is like a laptop-not a standard desktop.It must be an ide or may be a pcmcia bus?I just don't know.Are they all different?or are they reasonably compatable?Thank you all john

  northumbria61 14:10 PM 18 Apr 12

Your DVD drive is a Mashita UJ-810 - If you have any DVD player software try deleting it and reloading it to see what happens.

  johnofleeds 14:20 PM 18 Apr 12

Hi Northumbria yes I do have nero but it's the bios which won't identify the drive and you are correct in saying it's a matshitsa uj-810 when it was working I think it's the drive thats knackered.are all laptop dvd drives the same- like desk tops or non standard?Thank you john

  northumbria61 14:28 PM 18 Apr 12

Not quite sure about your "All in One" but they should be the same. If I were you I would consider purchasing an external DVD/CD Drive - easier than opening up your case.

  northumbria61 14:30 PM 18 Apr 12

Your BIOS may show the drive in the BIOS as "Optical Drive" not necessarily DVD Drive.

  northumbria61 14:32 PM 18 Apr 12

Matshita is ** (look closely at the sequence of letters in the name) :)

If you can't solve it - buy a brand-name USB external DVD burner and go on about your life.

  johnofleeds 14:55 PM 18 Apr 12

Hi again northumbria thank you for your suggestions.I have an external usb dvd(samsung)but the bios dosn't have the option to boot from it-only boot from floppy usb.Strangly enough device manager can see it as a matshita Uj 810.Thank you john

  northumbria61 15:59 PM 18 Apr 12

The bios doesn't have the option to boot from it-only boot from floppy usb.

Are you not able to change the boot order of the BIOS?

There is a LINK here if you decide to replace the DVD Drive enter link description here


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