Internal card readers.

  tamc98 17:33 22 May 03

Hello All.
I am after an internally mounted memory card reader for my spare 3 1/2" drive bay. As most seem to use the front usb header on the mobo it must also have a usb port as well as CF and MS slots. The only one I have come across that almost fits the bill is at Maplins. Only problem is that it doesn't take memory sticks and at £40 its a little expensive.
Any suggestions?
TIA, Tony

  Rayuk 18:44 22 May 03

Depending on your motherboard if you have usb connecters on it Asus do one[which I have]if you have an Asus board should be ideal.It is a 6 in 1 reader.
BUT please check your motherboard first.
click here
its under Flash & smart if link doesnt take you there directly.

  tamc98 20:51 22 May 03

Does the Asus reader also have a usb port on the front as with the Scan model. My mobo is an Epox and does have a usb header on it for front usb ports which are also fitted. This is why I want a usb port on the reader aswell as I will have to disconnect the ports.

  Gongoozler 20:59 22 May 03

The Asus internal 6-in-1 card reader is the one that was slated in the PCA magazine review in the Spring 2003 issue. The conclusion was "This drive isn't worth the bother of opening up your pc -----".

  hssutton 21:03 22 May 03

This one from the same supplier should do.
click here

  hssutton 21:05 22 May 03

sorry the link did not take you there. click on "flash and smart"

  Rayuk 21:14 22 May 03

It doesnt have usb ports on it just card slots.

Read the review,dont understand how she came to this conclusion I have mine fitted into a Coolermaster case and didnt have any problems fitting it.Did the reviewer try another case to confirm her views about it not fitting right??who knows she never mentioned it.

  zanwalk 21:17 22 May 03

Yes, the above reader from Scan is the one I have, it works well and has the USB socket on the front. The reference number is:


  tamc98 21:34 22 May 03

Cheers All,
I've ordered the Scan model.
Bit miffed by the £7 + VAT delivery charge though.

  Heating 15:53 19 Jul 05

Any one out there Know why my internal card reader, does not start the XP "What do you want to do menu " when I insert the card now, like it used too. Advent T9102 purchased 11/9/05

  Stuartli 18:24 19 Jul 05

Or you could have swapped the current card reader for a similar but more versatile model:

click here

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