Intermittent internet connection drop out

  Mimi2011 10:41 06 Apr 11

I've read through similar discussions but can't find my answer so please forgive another internet - related problem!

After 18 months of internet use with talktalk my Mum's connection (talktalk wifi router and Toshiba laptop) began to play up: intermittent dropping of the internet connection, although the broadband connection is still there. Got worse over several months - now drops out every few minutes. Nothing has changed - no new software, moves, etc

Talktalk support said line ok and to move router to main telephone socket, not extension - but still a problem.

Now am having same problem with my plusnet wifi connection at different address - (Thomson router, Dell laptop)- router always has been on main telephone socket. Again no changes made.

Could this be interference from neighbouring wifi? Faulty line? Both routers and / or filters needing replacement? ANy help gratefully received!

  Mimi2011 10:44 06 Apr 11

I have tried connecting Mum's wifi router to laptop by ethernet cable but no change - ie router is connected to talktalk server but no internet access so can't open webpages.

  Graphicool1 16:38 07 Apr 11

Being as you don't seem to be getting any responses on here. here

  Im a diddy 16:41 07 Apr 11

can you try a different router? to eliminate hardware first.

  Mimi2011 20:48 07 Apr 11

Thanks for the replies. I did try another router but couldn't get it to work. I've also tried the checks on filters, etc described in the talktalk members forum. I think I've managed to sort my own problem out by clearing the DNS cache so will try that on my Mum's if I can get access!

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