intermittent internet connection

  lucidhalloween 18:15 09 Apr 09

Hi, needed help!
I have a wireless internet connection, supplying both my PC and laptop, no problems. Boyfriend's PC however, keeps cutting off for no reason. He has a buffalo USB plug in for the wireless, but I don't think that's the problem as it works fine with my PC.
It just occassionally won't pick up the connection. It's really frustrating! Any ideas?

  LimestoneRock 18:17 09 Apr 09

See if there are any later drivers for the Buffalo USB adapter he can download to his PC.

  lucidhalloween 18:20 09 Apr 09

He's got the most up to date version, and it works fine with my PC, so don't think this is the problem. He's also used my USB device I use for connecting, and had the same result- sometimes works, sometimes dosn't. For no particular reason it seems!! I think it's his PC itself.

  lucidhalloween 18:35 09 Apr 09

Just plugged his computer in with an ethernet cable and it's working, so it must be the wireless signal. Can the PC have issues with this? I know the USB Buffalo device is working though, it's just not being used by the PC.

  rdave13 18:49 09 Apr 09

Shot in the dark, reboot the router while the usb (buffalo) connected PC is still connected wirelessly. Disconnect the router for thirty seconds then reconnect. Would be better if you could reboot through the router's setup rather than physically switching off the power.

  lucidhalloween 19:11 09 Apr 09

thanks for the that, it didn't work though:-( Sometimes I think these things do it on purpose! lol

  rdave13 20:16 09 Apr 09

I suggested that one as my Vista laptop wont connect while an XP machine still connects wirelessly via a usb dongle. Rebooting the router corrects the problem.
Could be a bad installation on the PC. Try uninstalling the usb dongle, running Ccleaner, possibly rebooting and reinstalling and setting up again. Bit of a drudge I know but worth a try.

  LimestoneRock 11:20 12 Apr 09

In my PC I had a wireless PCI card and on my laptop I had a PCMCIA card which both worked perfectly on a secured wireless connection with my previous provider Virgin/Ntl. When I changed to TalkTalk neither would work on a secured basis (they both worked when unsecured) and I needed to find later drivers for both cards. They work now - that's why I suggested seeking later drivers on boyfriend's PC.

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