Intermittent internet

  Sparky3327 21:09 22 Oct 06

My internet connection keeps failing for no apparent reason.
It can work for hours, even days, but then won't work for similar times.
It's broadband through a D-link modem, and I do a ping test and all's well.
I run AVG alongside a-squared, spyware doctor, spybot and xp-AntiSpy.
I've tried disabling them to no avail.
I thought it could be my XP firewall but that's disabled at the mo.
Any ideas?


  Technotiger 21:23 22 Oct 06

Hi, is you modem Ethernet or USB?

  Sparky3327 22:11 22 Oct 06

Sorry about the late reply, it went down again.
I've had to nick my wife's laptop.
It's an ethernet modem.

  birdface 22:11 22 Oct 06

Not with NTL are you.

  Technotiger 22:17 22 Oct 06

Hi again .. could be dodgy ethernet cable, it does happen, have you another one to try - or - and I am not too sure about this but, you could disconnect power to modem, wait ten seconds, then reconnect power. I know this works with a router/modem just not sure about D-link.

Cheers and Good Luck anyway.

  Sparky3327 22:22 22 Oct 06

Buteman: No, Tiscali.
Technotiger: I'll try a different cable and get back to you.

  Sparky3327 22:30 22 Oct 06

Nope, not a dodgy cable.
It's working fine on this laptop.

  Technotiger 22:34 22 Oct 06

Have you tried my second suggestion - though I am not too sure of it myself, it just might work. Certainly if it was me, I would try it.

If not, then you might have better luck if you put this Post into the Networking forum.


  birdface 22:36 22 Oct 06

I had same sort of trouble with Ntl.Just getting cut off all the time,This was through cable.Eventually engineer came out.Changed a little fuse like thing in the cable box, And no problem since,

  Sparky3327 22:36 22 Oct 06

Yes, I've tried that too so I'll take your advice and post in Networking.
Thanks for your time.


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