Intermittent freezing

  Hellflower 23:58 15 Mar 03

Can anyone help. My computer freezes intermittently. I have windows ME with a 800 AMD Duron processor. I have upgraded the memory from 128 with 2 256 memory chips - 640 in all but when I try to play games such as the Sims it freezes as though the memory can't cope. The computer does recognise all the memory. Someone memtioned to me that the memory chips might be loose so I should take them out and put them back again. As this is a bit of a nuisance I want to be absolutely sure that this is the most likely cause. I have re-installed windows but that hasn't solved the problem.

  Djohn 00:09 16 Mar 03

Have you got the 2x256 in the first two slots? And the 1x128 in the third slot. Also check to make sure your CPU, (Processor) is not getting too hot, same applies to your graphics card.

I don't play any of the games, but someone has mentioned that the "Sims game" is quite demanding on CPU, and graphics card.

Remove side of case and use a fan to blow on the graphics card while playing the game and see if it still happens. J.

  Mr Crispy 00:18 16 Mar 03

There is also the possibility that your old memory conflicts with the new. Try taking the old out and see wot happens.

  pc moron 00:24 16 Mar 03

Win ME supports upto 512MB of RAM-take out the 128MB memory stick and see if that does the trick.

  Djohn 00:45 16 Mar 03

Well spotted, I forgot, ME is similar to 98. J.

  BBez 07:11 16 Mar 03

try new RAM in PC with only one stick at a time, run it for a couple of days then try the other stick on it's ownfor a couple of days. It may be one of the new sticks is faulty...

  Hellflower 21:28 16 Mar 03

Thanks everyone for all your help. I have removed my 128 chip and left both the 256 chips Time will tell I suppose but I have my fingers crosse it's fixed the problem. I had never heard that ME only supported 512 of memory before so I have learn't something.

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