Interloper in my workgroup

  Reet 13:59 22 Mar 05

I have just discovered that an outsider has joined my work group. How can I get rid of thia person who calls him/herself 'myfriend'?
I use the Belkin 54g router with two desktop PCs and two laptops. I know I should have used the wep encryption but, 'something about after the horse....' Rita

  Yoda Knight 14:22 22 Mar 05

As Administrator, cant u delete their account and then implement the web encryption ?

Sorry, not much experience in wireless...

  ricvic 14:33 22 Mar 05

Can you not enable encryption now? That would lock out all PCs, and you can then enable your trusted pcs only.
I had the belkin 54g, now have a linksys. I have changed the default SSID and disabled SSID broadcast. THis has the effect of making your network invisible and your friend would be left scratching his/her head, wondering whether you have turned off the access point.
There is a further level of paranoia possible whereby you allow the router to communicate only with trusted MAC addresses.

I assume that your friend hasn't accessed the router and locked you out by changing the password! If this is the case you will need to do a reset.

  Reet 15:46 22 Mar 05

Yoda Knight
Thanks for input. I ‘m not sure how to set the wep encryption. The belkin instructions are not easy to understand.

Thanks for suggestions. I have now set MAC addresses for all my computers and set a password for the router. However, I can still see him/her on the ‘client list’ in the router. Have I now locked him/her out? Regards Rita

  ricvic 16:22 22 Mar 05


Have you set wep encrytion?

  Reet 18:46 23 Mar 05

I have not set wep encription yet, the instruction seemed very complicated in the belkin manual. I would be grateful for any help on how to do this. Regards Rita

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