Intel(R) AnyPoint(R) DSL Modem 2240 Driver needed

  g0slp 07:04 01 Nov 05

I've just had to do a reinstall of XP Home. Unfortunately this action has lost the above Driver.

On going to Intel's ssite, I discovered that support for this product was discontinued on January 1st this year...

Can someone please help by sending me this driver via a direct email.

Thanks in advance.


  g0slp 07:16 01 Nov 05

Oops - posted too soon.

The file needed is FL22D2KA.sys


  PaulB2005 07:53 01 Nov 05

Apparently support comes from your ISP now. Check any CDs that came with the modem or contact them and ask for a new modem.

  g0slp 08:05 01 Nov 05

Thanks for the response, PaulB2005.

My ISP didn't supply the modem; it came already installed in the computer (HP pavilion) & HP don't have any support either :-((

I thought that having run the restore procedure using the set of disks burnt for this specific purpose on receiving the machine would have everything, but this one seems to be omitted.

  PaulB2005 08:35 01 Nov 05

click here

When the computer boots for the first time after installing the Intel(R) AnyPoint(R) DSL Modem 2240 Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) card into another slot, Windows XP will display a Found New Hardware message in the Windows system tray for about 30 seconds, then the message will disappear. All drivers will be applied to the 'new' device and the DSL Modem 2240 will be usable.

Seems the drivers should be native to XP. Try uninstalling the modem from Device Manager and rebooting.

  g0slp 08:44 01 Nov 05

Thanks for that. Will try later & post back.



  g0slp 23:13 01 Nov 05

Tried uninstalling & rebooting - no good. Then tried removing modem, restarting, shutting down, refitting modem & restarting. Machine still looking for the specified driver.


  Splork 23:19 01 Nov 05

I looked earlier and could only find 3240 drivers. Looks as though you may need to get a new modem,.

  g0slp 08:50 02 Nov 05

Hello Splork.

That grim thought had occurred to me.

As the son of a Yorkshireman I don't like partin' wi' ma brass, tha knows... ;-)


  PaulB2005 10:23 02 Nov 05

Who built the PC?

  PaulB2005 10:24 02 Nov 05

HP pavilion

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