Intel processor comparison

  supersnad 23:06 PM 25 Apr 12

Intel i3 processor 8gb ram or intel i5 processor 4gb ram. Which would be the better buy in a desktop? Brian

  Ashrich 23:10 PM 25 Apr 12

What do you plan on doing with the new PC ?


  D@ve 00:47 AM 26 Apr 12

I'd probably choose the i5 system. RAM is rather cheap at the moment, you can buy a 4GB stick of DDR3 1333MHz for £14 such as from here, so you might find you can afford both.

  KRONOS the First 05:46 AM 26 Apr 12

Depends on your operating system, if it's 32 bit then it is pointless having any more than 4GB, if you are going to use 64 bit then go for 8 GB.

As has been said it really depends on what you use your PC for, I have both chips on differen PC's obviousl, the i3 is in my wife's PC who does nothing more strenuous than play hidden object games, whilst I have a i5 2500K as I play the latest FPS'S's and with a decent graphics card is an excellent choice.

I might just add that there are different i3 and i5 processors each has numbers following the i3/i5 so that can make a difference also.

As D@ve quite rightly says ram is pretty cheap so if you need to add extra that should not be a problem.

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  supersnad 09:06 AM 26 Apr 12

I usually use my computer for surfing the net mainly and e- mailing Brian

  KRONOS the First 09:18 AM 26 Apr 12

Then a old Pentium 4 will do that as there is very little computing power needed to surf and email.

  Armchair 10:02 AM 26 Apr 12

Might as well just get an H61 motherboard + a Pentium G620 (or maybe even a Celeron G540 or G530, with 4GB of RAM.


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