Intel GMA 900 help

  Shutt1e 14:36 19 Jul 06

i have a Intle gma 900 graphics card in my acer laptop will it run game better if i upgrade the ram to about 700-1gb


  vinnyT 15:55 19 Jul 06

It depends on which games you play, but the intel onboard graphics are not going to be able to play any recent (high end) games. This is because most of the recent games , Fear, CoD2, etc rely far more on the graphics cards capabilities than the cpu.

Having said that, increasing your ram will greatly improve the capabilities of your LT.

Hope this helps.

  Shutt1e 11:15 20 Jul 06

Does LT=lighting and texture

  keef66 11:22 20 Jul 06

LT - I think vinny means laptop

  Shutt1e 12:05 20 Jul 06

oh ok thx

  vinnyT 15:26 21 Jul 06

Sorry , yes I did mean laptop.

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