Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 or Quad Core Q6600

  LABMAN 20:44 19 Aug 07

Hi Folks,

I'm looking for a new PC and can't make my mind up between these to processors.

Both will have Asus motherboards with on board grapics at the moment as I'm not into gaming (and want the best procesor I can get) and 2GB of DDR2 667 memory.

I will mainly be using the PC for audio and video encoding using mainly Nero 7 but occasionly AVI2DVD aand DVD flick for the Video encoding.

Any and all oppinions and advice as always are greatly appreiated.

  powerless 20:53 19 Aug 07

What price difference are we talking?

  citadel 21:22 19 Aug 07

quad for the video encoding.

  LABMAN 22:58 19 Aug 07

Hi Powereless,

hardly any price difference at all or at most about £20, the E6750 is £350ish and the Q6600 is £320ish (without and OS ) only with the quad core motherboard it only has support for two Sata and two IDE devices.

I've priced the Q6600 with two IDE optical drives so as to leave the Sata free for the hard drive, but the problem is I have two IDE hard drives I want to install a 250GB Hitachi and a 320GB Maxtor so I need to get them to intall PCI controller card to use those and that will narrow the price even more.

Hi Citadel,

My feelings were for the Quad core for the video myself but I'm just worried that the softawre I'm using may not use the processor to it's fullest and if the faster speed of the E750 would make any difference albeit only having the two cores.

Just I don't get the chance to upgrade that often and would like to make sure I get it right first time, mind anything is an improvement on my current Athlon XP2400.

  LABMAN 11:54 20 Aug 07

No one else seems to have an opinion so I will close this as resolved.

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