intalling admiral sea battles

  pla 22:00 10 Oct 10

I just bought an old pc game -Admiral Sea Battles-
I've tried everything but it won't install, it wont let me choose options during the setup.
Can anyone please help????

  Nontek 22:08 10 Oct 10

At least fourteen years old, that game is unlikely to work on anything other than Win98, or earlier. You have not said what your OS is.

  pla 22:15 10 Oct 10

I have windows 7. Now would I have to get windows 95(thats what the game was design for) or is there a way to get it going on windows 7?

  Nontek 22:19 10 Oct 10

Doubt very much if Win7 will like it - I only have XP, but you could try in 'Compatibility Mode' if Win7 has that facility.

  pla 22:21 10 Oct 10


  Nontek 22:24 10 Oct 10

click here

Good luck.

  pla 22:47 10 Oct 10

thanks. it wont work though. I think im going to have to install windows95. I dont know how to do that, do you?

  Nontek 07:56 11 Oct 10

I admire your persistence, I would have given up by now.

If you have a Win95 disc, it should be quite straightforward on its own - but I have never done a dual-boot install. So you will need someone else to come on and explain if it would be possible with Win7, and how to do it.

As I said - Good luck, afraid I can't help you any further.

  jolorna 07:59 11 Oct 10

according to this site it can be used with xp, not sure if it will be a safe download as i haven't tried it
click here

  tullie 08:11 11 Oct 10

A bit drastic isent itinstalling an old operating system for an even older game?You will probably find that your newer games wont then play.

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