Instructions for 7 Zip

  Submariner1967 10:05 10 Nov 10

As a 63 year young Pc user I am having trouble understanding how to use a zip program.
I suppose in my simple world I just have to right click on a photo or some other item to bring up the menu list, click on 7 zip and it will all be done for me but to me this is somekind of black art.
Are there any simple explanations out there on how to use these zip programs or am I forever condemmed to e-mailing my pictures and waiting for 20 minutes while it groans it's way through them? I run a Pc with xp pro service pack 3.
Many thanks

  Nontek 10:11 10 Nov 10

7-zip is extremely easy to use, as long as it is installed on your PC, all you need to do is click on any zipped file - 7-zip will do the rest.

I am 75yr old whizz-kid! He he he .........

  Nontek 10:17 10 Nov 10

To send a zipped folder of photos by email - create a New Folder in your My Pictures, put all your photos in that new folder (you can rename it of course) then right-click on the Folder and choose Send to/Compressed(zipped)Folder. The zipped folder will then appear as if by magic in your My Pictures - takes just seconds. Create your email and add that zipped folder as an Attachment. Done.

  Nontek 10:18 10 Nov 10

My first response was referring to opening a zipped file on your computer.

  Submariner1967 11:02 10 Nov 10

Thanks Nontek I will try and see what happens.

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