the instruction "0x01403718"

  yvette-289759 14:32 19 Jan 04

the above keeps popping up saying -referenced memory at: the memory could not read. It then terminates the programme so I have to restart.........HELP!! - I have windows xp by the way.

  johnnyrocker 14:34 19 Jan 04

click here and download the blaster virus removal tool and follow the instructions.


  Jester2K 14:37 19 Jan 04

Whats the exact message in full?? What programs does this occur in?

Nothing to do with Blaster by the way....

  Jester2K 14:52 19 Jan 04

Wow.thanx for a rapid response during using aol - explorer exe - app error. The instruction "0x01403718" referenced memory at "0x01403718. The memory could not be read. Press OK to terminate the programme


Please post responses here and not by e-mail. Thanks.

  yvette-289759 14:52 19 Jan 04

explorer EXE - Application Error. The instruction "0x01403718" referenced memory at: The memory could not read. Press OK to terminate the programme.

  yvette-289759 14:53 19 Jan 04

woops....learner driver remember!(apologies)

  johnnyrocker 15:01 19 Jan 04

smacks of virii of some description to me.


  Jester2K 15:08 19 Jan 04

Might well be but not Blaster.

learner driver -

Ok what version of windows?

Is your Anti Virus up to date??

  Jester2K 15:09 19 Jan 04

!!! Missed it earlier...

  yvette-289759 15:09 19 Jan 04

well this PC (2 years old)came with PC-Cillin installed and automatically downloads daily patterns...its been effective and has found trojans and worms..should I install another virus checker?

  hugh-265156 15:11 19 Jan 04

cant find anything on the exact 0x01403718 error via mskb site.there are various memory could not be read or written errors listed but not the exact one you have.

try a virus scan as above,search for spyware with spybot or adaware.try a windows update or if you know a date everything was well then use system restore.

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