Installing XBOX 360 controller for windows

  ponytail 28 Oct 12

I am trying to install the above item but keep getting the following message. This program is blocked due to compatibility issues check for solutions online. When I do that I get the answer to download updates for XBOX 360 accessories then click to download.Then it says this software vesion is already installed on this system that was because I had done that but still had the same problem,I am using Windows 7.I have a 64 bit operating system.Could someone advise.Thanks

Not sure if this is any help at all, but a guy who built a PC for my son and installed an X-Box controller said he had to do it 'manually', and point the PC to the specific USB slot into which it was plugged. He seemed to imply that no way was this a 'plug and play' deal.

  ponytail 30 Oct 12

Thanks Ian in Northampton how would I do what you suggest as have not done anything like this before.

  D@ve 30 Oct 12

Windows 7 should install an Xbox 360 controller without any need for the user to install / configure anything. It's supposed to be a case of you plug in the receiver, Windows installs it itself and that's it, you have a working controller. I've used one on many computers running Windows 7 and not once encountered a problem.

Are you using an official Microsoft receiver or is it a third party one?

Did you install the Xbox 360 accessories before you plugged it in for the first time? If so, I'd suggest uninstalling everything you can that is related to the controller and the accessory thing that you installed (ie. uninstall driver from Device Manager, uninstall program from Programs and Features and delete any associated files that you can find). Then plug the receiver back in and allow Windows to configure it automatically.

  ponytail 02 Nov 12

HiD@ve nothing is listed in programs and features so cannot un-install the items but they are listed in all programs.How would the driver be listed in device manager

  D@ve 02 Nov 12

If you open Device Manager from the Control Panel then plug in the controller, it should appear in the list. If so, right click it and press Uninstall. If it is greyed out then that implies that no driver has been installed for it yet.

"but they are listed in all programs"

What name are they listed as?


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