installing wireless 3d mouse

  mammak 20:40 18 Aug 03

Hello folks whiles trying to install above
i have put the soft ware floppy, in a drive and after doing so,it comes up with message this disc
is not formated, i have checked device manager
the drive is enabled ect no conflict showing ,
i know the mouse works and the soft ware is ok because i have run it on me 98se system, this system is win xp pro,any ideas thanks, Mammmak.

  rickf 20:52 18 Aug 03

Is the mouse software XP compatible?

  mammak 20:58 18 Aug 03

rickf, yes it is compatible.

  Djohn 21:01 18 Aug 03

The (2) holes at the top of the disk, if they are both open, would this give the message you are seeing?

  mammak 21:06 18 Aug 03

Djohn yes they are both open when this message appears

  Djohn 21:07 18 Aug 03

Think one should be closed.

  mammak 21:30 18 Aug 03

closed one but says, it has an error on it ?? the mouse is working though but no soft ware installed?????

  Djohn 21:36 18 Aug 03

Maybe a fault on the floppy, if you know the make and model you can probably download new driver from site, and save it to a fresh floppy. j.

  mammak 22:06 18 Aug 03

ok thank,s Djohn, i think you may be right, i will be back soon and let you know , kids start back school tommorow so of to bed , thanks for now post back with info soonest. Mammak.

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