Installing Windows95

  immer 25 Jan 12

Because I am recovering old floppys information I need to install windows95. I have an old formated OK hard drive. I have got to when with the CD to position E with the virtual D in position, but when I type "E:\SETUP" or "E:\WIN95:\SETUP" etc it keeps telling me I have a bad command line. I tried another CD driver with the same results. I last used this W95 installer disc about 4/4 years ago ok but I've forgotten the DOS etc. Any ideas please....

  Peter 25 Jan 12


"E:\SETUP" should work if SETUP.EXE is in the Root directory of the CD. "E:\WIN95:\SETUP" will not work because of the : (Colon) following WIN95.

You may be able to get round the problems you are having by navigating to the directory containing the SETUP file. i.e. from the C drive enter E: to move the the E Drive (CD Drive) and then CD WIN95 to move into the WIN95 directory. Once in the WIN95 directory enter SETUP at the command prompt.

Another, and possibly better, way round your problem of reading the data off you floppy disks would be to use an external USB Floppy Disk Drive and plug it into your more up to date computer.


  c4rm0 25 Jan 12

When setting up 95/98 systems in the past i used to use Fdisk to create the partition first then format the drive and then copy the contents from the CD to the partition then simply run setup.exe


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