Installing a windows XP SP2 hard drive in new comp

  jaimie 21:02 15 Jun 06

Hi guys
Last week I asked this forum about changing the motherboard in an XP system and what would windows do. As the old system was beyond economic repair I have purchased a bare bones system from Maplin. this includes everything except the HDD and memory. My plan is to install the HDD and memory from my defunct machine. Once fired up do I go through the repair windows routine? I don't see why I should have to purchase another copy of XP when this one is only 18 months old and fully registered and activated.

Any more help gratefully received.



  terryf 21:26 15 Jun 06

Install the HDD and memory and suck it and see

  Jak_1 22:05 15 Jun 06

Installing the program should not be a problem as it is a legit copy purchased by you however is the old memory the corect type for the new system!!! If not then it will not work, check the mobo specs to see what type of memory it requires.

  woodchip 22:10 15 Jun 06

If it does not Start, You will need a Full XP CD to Repaire XP for it to start. then you have to go through the windows Activation problem and if it's OEM they may not ware it

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