Installing windows XP

  Sturmey 00:05 27 Nov 03

I just started installing windows XP pro, I chose to delete the existing partition and create a new one, on my 120gb hard drive.

It is now formatting and has been doing so for about 2 hours but it is only a 8% is this normal?

I didn't select the quick format, I dont know why is it ok to cancel the current format and select quick format next time and start again or should i just leave it to finish?


  powerless 00:10 27 Nov 03

MY 120giger does a FULL format in about an hour.

So 8% complete after 2 hours looks like something is wrong.

When it does a full format its also checking for errors so it may have found some and is trying to correct them.

Maybe leave till morning to see if it completes?

You can start again and do the quick option if you want.

  Sturmey 00:14 27 Nov 03

Do you know if there is an advantage on doing a full format?

  powerless 00:16 27 Nov 03

Only if you want to thoroughly check the drive for errors.

If its an old drive then performa a FULL format.

  powerless 00:18 27 Nov 03

Differences Between a Quick Format and Format During Windows XP Setup -
click here

  critic-al 00:18 27 Nov 03

did you f disk first?

  Sturmey 00:21 27 Nov 03

No I booted from the windows xp disk.

  Sturmey 00:28 27 Nov 03

I just stopped the full format at 8% and started a quick format, xp said the drive could not be formatted and possibly damaged :( I started another full format and will leave it over night, hopefully it will correct the bad sectors.

  critic-al 00:33 27 Nov 03

f disk and create ntfs partition

  DieSse 00:41 27 Nov 03

(S)He already said the old partitions were deleted and a new one created in the very first post.

  DieSse 00:43 27 Nov 03

As an alternative, you could try the manufacturers diagnostic and "zero-fill" software. This returns everything to a "factory" state. And it takes a verrry long time - but can and does resurrect some drives with problems.

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