Installing Windows 7 upgrade

  carver 21:10 23 Jun 11

Hi, I'm having a problem reinstalling Windows 7 on my sons PC, the copy I am using is a Windows 7 upgrade which I had no problems with when I first installed it 18 months ago.

But the other day his hard drive failed so I have fitted a new hard drive but when doing the install of Windows 7 it gets to the product key and it's telling me that it is not a legitimate copy.

The reason is that the new hard drive does not have a copy of XP installed, but I can't put a copy on because I have no floppy drive to install the raid drivers, therefore XP does not recognise the Sata drive.

Is there any way to get round this problem with out having to buy a floppy drive that I may only use this once.

Thanks for any help.

  chub_tor 21:49 23 Jun 11

You won't need a copy of XP if you follow this procedure

  carver 22:44 23 Jun 11

*chub_tor *, thanks for the link, my lad thinks that I am a complete plonker for not getting his PC working.

I have had the activate windows box ticked so that is why I haven't been able to install, once again thanks

  carver 09:04 25 Jun 11

chub_tor That worked a treat, thank you for your help, sons PC is now running like a dream.


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