Installing win7

  Madrat 23:21 PM 01 Nov 11

Is win 7 the same as XP, as long as I have a genuine code and disk will do?

  birdface 23:25 PM 01 Nov 11

You could try running this.

  Madrat 23:30 PM 01 Nov 11

Thanks but that docent help, I need to install win 7 on a PC that did run win 7, I have a code but no disk. If I borrow a disk but use my code will this work? It dose in XP just wondered if it did in win 7

  robin_x 23:36 PM 01 Nov 11

Digital River legal link

English (USA) about halfway down.

Use Imgburn for the iso.

  lotvic 23:38 PM 01 Nov 11

Yes it will work.

You can d/load and burn your own DVD. W7.iso ClickHere Official download links, scroll down to the English(usa) version and get the SP1 U (media refresh) one as that already has SP1 on so you don't have as much updating to do.

  Madrat 13:57 PM 02 Nov 11

Great thank, or I could just borrow my neighbours win 7 disk and make a copy?

  gengiscant 14:50 PM 02 Nov 11

Yes you could.

  Madrat 16:22 PM 02 Nov 11

Excelant. Thanks everyone.


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