Installing Win XP HomeEdition +-not shutting down

  trv4n 14:37 06 Jun 06

I had a non genuine xp pro!!! I have now bought a genuine Win xp Home Edition.I have tried to install the xp,followed instructions,connected aol for updates,etc.However, when it says it needs to shut down(the first time)It does not shut down from the blue screen.I have left it for over 2hrs without a result. I have tried to install it 5 times at least in 24hrs...Can anyone help?

  The Kestrel 15:01 06 Jun 06

Did you do a clean install, i.e. uninstall the XP pro from your PC before installing the Home Edition? If not it is likely that files left from Pro are affecting some of the new files in the Home Edition.

  trv4n 15:08 06 Jun 06

Thank you, Kestrel.I am sure this is a simple question,but,how do you do that?

  ventanas 15:14 06 Jun 06

click here

Follow the instructions in every screen to the letter. It should take about 40 mins.

  ventanas 15:16 06 Jun 06

When installed you will also need to get specific drivers for your graphics, sound etc. XP will install something and they should work. But its best to have the proper ones.

  trv4n 15:24 06 Jun 06

Thankyou Ventanas,I will have a read of the link. I was once given a disc with the pc.It may have got lost? I will have to have a good search!

  ventanas 15:28 06 Jun 06

Sorry, but not with you. You said originally that you have now bought a copy of XP Home. You do not need any other earlier discs if this is the full version, and not an upgrade.

  trv4n 15:33 06 Jun 06

I bought ms windows xp Home Edition Version 2002.£65.One golden disc enclosed and a product key number.

  ventanas 15:37 06 Jun 06

Sounds ok, and a very good price. If it doesn't state upgrade anywhere its all you need.

Use it to boot the pc as explained in my link and you should be up and running within an hour.

Don't forget to get all the updates afterwards, one of which will be SP2, which ain't small.

  trv4n 15:45 06 Jun 06

I will have a read and see if i can follow /understand your support.Thankyou.I will post back if it works or if it does not.I await in anticipation to see a result!

  trv4n 16:24 06 Jun 06

xp disc was in,I chose ms set up instead of xp pro on the grey screen (which is this i'm on now)there was no message about hitting a key.Do i press F6? (( i did not))It checked/processed things and then gave me this message which kept appearing on both attempts.'set up cannot load the keyboard file.KBDUS.DLL.Set up cannot continue.Shut down or restart your pc'This appeared each time.....

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