Installing Vista Home Premium.

  Bellaf 15:17 17 Feb 07

I have a new computer and I cannot install Vista.
It installs Vista,when it gets to restart computer
it installs Vista again.I have 4 copies of vista on my computer.Not 1 works.

  anskyber 15:20 17 Feb 07

Have you left the DVD in the drive?

  SANTOS7 15:48 17 Feb 07

Simplest thing to do,format HDD and start again and follow the step by step instructions slowly..

  eedcam 15:00 18 Feb 07

.Not 1 works.

neither will a lot current software

  Diodorus Siculus 15:09 18 Feb 07

When it's rebooting with the DVD in the drive, after the initial install routine, do you get a message to press a key to boot from CD? If so, ignore it.

That happened a lot with XP insallations - don't know if it is the same with Vista.

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