Installing Sound Card - Disabling On-Board Sound

  Scrivers 20:47 24 May 06

I've just taken delivery of a Dell Desktop. I want to install my old Creative Audigy 5.1 Sound Card and software. Will I have to disable the Dell on-board 7.1 system. If so, anybody advise me how it's done.

  ed-0 20:52 24 May 06

We will need the make and model of the motherboard. Use SIW to get it. click here

  Scrivers 16:40 25 May 06

Thanks ed-0. I've downloaded siw, the Dell is being delivered this afternoon so I'll have a look and get back.

  martjc 16:50 25 May 06

...which turns on/off the onboard sound. If it's a new machine, there's an old computer user's saying: If all else fails, RTFM. [Read the *&$%£*& manual]. I would suggest that you do this BEFORE trying anything else!

  ed-0 16:54 25 May 06

as martjc says, it's usually just disabling it in the bios.

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