Installing software from a zip file help please

  golfpro 08:50 21 Nov 06

After downloading a zip file (software program) and extracting the contents to say My Documents, how do I install and run this on my pc?
I use ALzip, and my OS is XP.
Simple answer please.

  Diemmess 09:03 21 Nov 06

Unfamiliar with Alzip but assume it works like Winzip.
You didn't really need to deposit the extracted stuff into anywhere in particular but look for a file which will be either "setup" or "yourprogamme.exe" and double click on it.
That should install your new progamme before your very eyes!

  Stuartli 09:03 21 Nov 06

I created an Unzipped folder in Programe Files for unzipped programs using WinZip (use the Browse button to direct WinZip to this folder when unzipping files).

Once the program has been unzipped to the folder, click on the entry and in the list look for a Setup or .exe file.

Double click on the appropriate file to install the software.

The Unzipped folder's contents can be used as a backup in case the program(s) need(s) to be reinstalled.

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