Installing sempron processor

  ABI2GAIL 12:21 26 Dec 05

Is it absolutely necessary to put thermal paste on the processor as I have read it somewhere but cant see it anywhere on the installation instructions? or is that a dumb question?

  pj123 12:23 26 Dec 05

No, not a dumb question. and yes it is absolutely essential.

  ABI2GAIL 12:24 26 Dec 05

Thanks, my son had bits of a computer so he can build his own and I am going into it blind!!!Do you know where i can find out where to put it

  Methedrine 13:01 26 Dec 05
  woodchip 13:01 26 Dec 05

You should first check the CPU or Heatsink for a small pad If it as one of these it does not need extra paste, just take the film from the pad first

  pj123 13:08 26 Dec 05

I am trying to find some pictures to give you an idea but Google isn't helping at the moment.

But depending on the processor the paste is spread over the centre portion evenly. You must also put paste on the cooling fan so that when the fan is installed the paste marries up.

If the "bits" you have are used you may see traces of where the paste was.

If I, or maybe someone else finds a picture I will post again.

  Quiller. 13:15 26 Dec 05

Video's here on how to spread the paste and install the cpu. click here

  Belatucadrus 15:30 26 Dec 05

Also don't overdo it, as any excess will squeeze out of the sides and as some of them are conductive not a good idea.
Try click here Arctic silver Ceramique, a very good product, also non conductive so safer to use.

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