Installing SD Moviestage

  bturner 10 Apr 12

Hello I used to have SD moviestage installed on my desktop PC but I returned it to factory setting on the weekend and now I am unable to install it.

I do not have a scanner and want to take pictures of a utility bill to send a company proof of my address with my digital camera.

I get this error message.

"Error executing file D:\ SD-MovieStage ver.2.0E\Setup.exe The requested operation requires elevation".

I also tried to install it on the laptop but get the same error message.

Any help would be appreciated.

  mgmcc 10 Apr 12

"The requested operation requires elevation"."

Probably means that you need to have Administrator rights when installing the program.

Go to "Start > All Programs", select Accessories then right click Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator.

At the prompt, type in...

D:\SD-MovieStage ver.2.0E\Setup.exe

...and press Enter. (You had a space after D:\ in the path which shouldn't have been there.)

  bturner 10 Apr 12

Thank-you for your reply.

I followed the instructions and typed in "D:\SD-MovieStage ver.2.0E\Setup.exe"

This is the message I see, "

D:\SD-MovieStage ver.2.0E\Setup.exe is not recognised as an external or internal command, operable program or batch file."

  mgmcc 10 Apr 12

Open the Command Prompt window and, at the prompt, type d: and press Enter. This will change the prompt to D:\>

At the D:\> prompt, type SD-MovieStage ver.2.0E\Setup.exe and press Enter. Does that run the Setup.exe file?

If not, presumably D drive is your CD/DVD drive? Try copying the contents from the disk to a folder in the PC and install it from there instead.

  bturner 10 Apr 12

Thank-you for the help.

I followed the instructions to get the "D:>" and cut and pasted SD-MovieStage ver.2.0E\Setup.exe then hit enter but got the same error message

D:\SD-MovieStage ver.2.0E\Setup.exe is not recognised as an external or internal command, operable program or batch file."

Yes D is my CD/DVD drive.

However I have managed to get my pictures onto the PC and sent the e-mail with attachments using Windows live photo gallery.

I had no idea that was installed and it is ideal for what I need it for.


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