Installing new hard drive

  Scarlet 15:26 15 Jan 03
  Scarlet 15:26 15 Jan 03

I have installed a new 80Gb hard drive as master, and my old 8Gb as slave. The BIOS detects my new drive as master, and my old as slave. My computer still boots into XP from my old drive. How do I format the new drive so that XP recognises it? I then want to install XP on my new drive.

  DieSse 15:28 15 Jan 03

Disconnect the old drive - then do your XP installation on the new one.

  DieSse 15:30 15 Jan 03

You could also simply transfer the whole installation from your old drive to your new one, using one of the cloning programs (Drive Image - Seagate Disk Wizard - XXCopy or similar).

  TechMad 15:36 15 Jan 03

By Windows XP not recognising it, do you mean the drive doesn't reveal itself in Windows Explorer or My Computer.

The computer will still use the old drive because there isn't anything to load.

If the new drive can be accessed from within Windows then, what you can do is to pop the CD into the appropriate drive. Windows will then show you the Autorun screen, where you can start the installation process. The Windows XP setup programme will give you all the options that you need to prepare the new hard disk, so that you can install windows on it.

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