Installing New Hard-Drive.

  IKP 14:25 18 Jun 07

Recently, my hard drive completely packed up and so I have now replaced it with a new one, or am trying to.
When trying to install the drive a message comes up after the manufacturers splash screen saying 'Invalid Boot Disk, Insert boot diskette in A'.
The computer is an old Dell 4100, using Pentium III. My old drive was a Western Digital 20Gb IDE , and the new one i am trying to install is a Western Digital 80Gb WD800J IDE drive.

Any help would be much appreciated.

  robbiepaul79 14:29 18 Jun 07

Your new disk wont have any form of formatting or system on it so you will have to install that first.

It seems to me the computer is attempting to boot from a floppy disk, i take it you have a windows disk and a bootable floopy drive in which to install the Operating System from if not you could possible boot from the Windows CD and get yourself up and running that way.

  xania 14:29 18 Jun 07

You new HDD has not yet got any operating system on it. You need to reinstall this on your new HDD. Depending on what OS you were using, you will need to have the disc in your CD/DVD drive and it will then talk you through the installation process.

  IKP 14:31 18 Jun 07

I am using Windows ME , and I have tried to boot from the windows CD , but i still get the same error message of Invalid Boot Disk etc...

  robbiepaul79 14:38 18 Jun 07

does your CMOS have the option to change the boot sequence to look for a bootable CD-ROM

  IKP 14:43 18 Jun 07

Yes it does - at the moment the 1st Boot Device is the CD-ROM drive

  IKP 14:59 18 Jun 07

followed by the floppy disk drive and then the hard drive

  Press Man 17:01 18 Jun 07

click here download the boot disk for ME and copy to a floppy disk. Run the disk, and if I remember correctly you should be able to get to the A prompt, insert ME disk into drive, at the A prompt type setup.exe or similar that should run the ME install. I am sure if I am wrong someone will correct. Hope this helps!

  IKP 17:04 18 Jun 07

thanks a lot, am trying this out

  robbiepaul79 17:07 18 Jun 07

nice work press man ill bookmark that site myself must admit i was rather at a loss to this one, never used ME before.

  IKP 17:43 18 Jun 07

Nope no luck , still comes up saying invalid boot disk , insert boot diskette in A , A drive light insn't even coming on anymore.

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