Installing new hard disk

  baldyx 14:54 14 Jan 04

I am installing a new hard disk on my notebook to increase capacity. I want to copy all the software on to the new disk from the old disk. I have come across the following files on the old disk, I am not sure if should copy them as well?

Pagefile.sys Save2dsk.bin Hiberfil.sys ,
System volume Information

  woodchip 15:05 14 Jan 04

How you going to do it???? only way that I know is buy Drive Image and an External USB CDRW and make a Image of the C:\ Drive install the new drive then restore the Image file to new Drive

  Jester2K 15:21 14 Jan 04

Pagefile.sys = Page File (Temp Memory File)

Save2dsk.bin = ????

Hiberfil.sys = Hibernation File

System volume Information = System Restore

As woodchip says the only way to do this on a laptop is to use and image program though...

  Big Elf 15:26 14 Jan 04

Save2dsk.bin seems to be related to hibernation.

  baldyx 16:31 17 Jan 04

Thanks for all your responses.
I have no problem tansferring the files to the new disk as I have cd writer to do that,my question is : Do I need these files on the new hard disk??

Thak you.

  Jester2K 16:37 17 Jan 04

I would say yes as Windows will be looking for them.

  bremner 16:42 17 Jan 04

Copying program files to a CD and dropping them onto the new drive will not mean the programs will work.

Do you realise that as others have said you will need a image/ghost type program to achieve that.

  baldyx 16:18 20 Jan 04

Thanks very much to all who responded.

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