Installing (New Disc) XP Pro on Dell Dimention 4600 - HELP Please - No Product Key Requested

  Shikaree 17:52 PM 13 Nov 11

Hi Folks,

I installed New XP Pro on to a New 250GB IDE Hard Drive in my daughters Dell Computer yesterday. It did request for the Product Key. It installed the XP Pro without the Product Key. I'm a bit confused. Can any one explain, please.



  northumbria61 18:08 PM 13 Nov 11

**It did request for the Product Key. It installed the XP Pro without the Product Key**

I am confused too - did you perhaps choose the option to Activate the Product when Online?

  lotvic 18:09 PM 13 Nov 11

If you used the Dell DVD (or the restore from hidden partition) then you don't need to put a product key in. Dell DVD's use a Royalty SLP key (it is programmed into the DVD) that checks with the BIOS to make sure it is a Dell pc (special prog in BIOS to see if Dell match made)

Also will not require Activation as key used has been pre-activated automatically.

If any other install DVD is used it can't match the BIOS string and then you have to use the key on the casing.

Ditto if you use a Dell DVD to install on a different make, it won't match and will ask for a product key. (The SLP product key for Dell also will work on several other big manufacturers pc's, but not all of them)

If you use a program like Belarc or SIW to find out your key you will see that it is different to the one on the label on the casing. If key on casing label is used then you have to activate over the phone as automatic online activation has been disabled for those keys. (to stop piracy, using that key for a non-Dell pc)

  northumbria61 18:13 PM 13 Nov 11

Your Post Title is also confusing having just read it again - No Product Key Requested but then you go on to say "It did request for the Product Key. It installed the XP Pro without the Product Key"

  lotvic 18:17 PM 13 Nov 11

Perhaps I should also add that the SLP Royalty key cannot be used for an install that asks for product key and requires you to type the product key in. It will just reject it.

  lotvic 18:20 PM 13 Nov 11

northumbria61, yeah, wonder which it is?

  Shikaree 18:34 PM 13 Nov 11

northumbria61, lotvic,

I had the Dell computer connected to the Linksys Wireless Hub. But I don't know if it was working. My Evesham Computer was working on the same Hub. It seemed to have skipped that page for Product Key. It's a New CD For Dell. It has on the CD "Already Installed On Your Computer." REINSTALLATION CD (With Service Pack 3).

OK, now looking at the CD ... This software is already installed in your computer. Use this media only to reinstall the Operating System on a DELL PC. But this is a NEW CD I bought as my daughter could find her CD.

  Shikaree 18:38 PM 13 Nov 11

northumbria61, lotvic,

SORRY!!!! It should have been: It didn't request for the Product Key ...

  lotvic 18:51 PM 13 Nov 11

"Use this media only to reinstall the Operating System on a DELL PC. But this is a NEW CD..."

Yep they churned them out in their thousands of thousands, all identical. You did well to get a Dell install DVD, will save you a lot of hassle. Read my previous posts.

  Shikaree 19:05 PM 13 Nov 11


I didn't know that DELL have their own brand of Windows XP. I was searching for Windows XP Pro and no one seemed to stock it. I bought one for my Evesham Computer about two years ago or so. Then I contacted IT Discounts Ltd and they stocked it. I was surprised. Anyway I asked my daughter to order it. I was surprised when I opened up the package and saw DELL printed on it. She must have mentioned it when she purchased it.

Thanks for your HELP

Much obliged



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