Installing new AMD CPU

  Piqxel 17:41 24 Jun 03

In the next few weeks I will be installing an XP2600+ cpu on my pc (currently running XP2200+).

Does anyone have any advice or tips on carrying out this procedure.


PS. Any recommendations for the cooling fan.

For a thread discussing various heatsinks click here

The only thing to watch when replacing theCPU is not to use TOO MUCH Thermal paste. I Have found an amount the size of HALF a pea to be suffcient and you then spread this with a credit card over the CPU. When it is assembled the Heatsink does not have to push too much paste out of the way which results in less chance of damage to the ceramic or CPU core.

  Agent Smith 20:35 24 Jun 03

Thanks for the link as I am negotiating with 'er indoors about upgrading my XP1700+

  nidow 21:46 24 Jun 03

Do not use to much force. It should just slip in with no force. If you are etting a new Fan it will have thermal past on it

  Djohn 22:38 24 Jun 03

click here(2808) AMD installation video. j.

  Djohn 22:46 24 Jun 03

click here then down to bottom of page and click on Technical guide, then processors, you will see a link for installation video. j.

  alan 2273 23:16 24 Jun 03

Just saw your message your 2200xp is a 266fsb check that the 2600 is also a 266 and not a 333fsb unless your motherboard supports it

  Piqxel 23:31 24 Jun 03

Yep, it's a 266 fsb. Took a while to track one down.

  Piqxel 19:47 25 Jun 03

After speaking to someone at work I am now considering building my own PC using the XP2600 processor. There seems to be some useful threads on this group. Thanks for your advice.

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