Installing network printer

  lahorie 12:22 31 Jan 04


I have a mini network installed at home (4 pc's and print server). One of my printers is configured as a local printer using TCP/IP.

When i went to a workstation to install it as a local printer through TCP/IP, the option for the port was greyed out so i couldn't install it.

It worked fine on the other 3 workstations. I am beginning to believe this maybe the spooler problem on the faulty workstation. Is there anyway to reinstall the spooler service without re-installing windows?

If anybody has any other suggestions, please reply.



  Big Elf 14:09 31 Jan 04

What version of Windows are you using particularly on the problem PC?

  Big Elf 14:28 31 Jan 04

From email:

"hi Im using win 2k pro on all the workstations. Lahorie"

There's a Windows 2000 Printer troubleshooting article at click here

And another on Printer Drivers at click here

Are you getting any error messages related to the spooler problem and if so what are they?

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