Installing NET Framework offline

  geoff47 17:49 PM 18 Jun 11

I have a program that requires NET Framework 3.5 Client SP1 Whilst installing, it asks can it download it, but the PC is not connected to the internet. I have copied the folder from my PC to disc and placed it in C/Windows where I found it on the other PC.

But when re-trying to install the program it is still asking to download the NET Framework.

What am I doing wrong ?

  chub_tor 22:01 PM 18 Jun 11

I suspect that simply transferring the file into C:\Windows is not the complete action performed by using an exe file from a download. There may be other files in other folders that are needed and almost certainly there will be changes to the Registry. Can you not download the file using someone else's internet connection and put it onto a memory stick or CD?

  geoff47 22:13 PM 18 Jun 11

That might be the problem. When installing the other program, there is no option to install NET Framework from another source though. It immediately tries to connect to the internet. I shall try tomorrow to download everything as you suggest, the other PC is not with me here.


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