Installing Linux on Laptop Issue

  laurieballard 21:51 10 Apr 08


I have a Samsung R60+ laptop that runs Vista

I tried to dual boot Vista and Linux on the laptop but the linux install will not even start, let alone run. I boot to the linux CD and the instll menu comes up, i start the install and it gets about 10% of the way through and stops. The CD drive stops making noises and nothing happens.

I have tried 7 different linux distros and the same thing happens. Its as if this laptop does not want to install linux.

Any Ideas?


  woodchip 22:00 10 Apr 08

Do you mean a Linux Live CD?

How much memory have you got in the Laptop?

  laurieballard 22:03 10 Apr 08

Yes sorry it is a liveCD, should have mentioned

Its a dual core laptop with 2gb of RAM

  2neat 23:02 10 Apr 08

download virtual box (free) and install linux into that.

  LastChip 20:11 11 Apr 08

many Linux Live CD's appear to be doing nothing during an "investigation" phase of loading. To be honest, it's a criticism I have of most Live CD's because if only there were something on the screen to let you know it's still "happening", you wouldn't wonder what on earth was going on.

At that time, it's looking at your hardware and trying to determine the best settings to load and run the system. Think of it this way, a live CD is just like a brand new installation every time you run it.

The fact that you have tried seven different distro's and suffer from the same symptoms suggests to me, you simply may not be giving the system enough time to sort itself out.

The systems that are most likely to run are:

PCLinuxOS, Ubuntu/Kubuntu, Linux Mint, SuSE, Knoppix.

But as I said; I might be wrong!

  woodchip 21:14 11 Apr 08

As above they are slow to load, but once loaded are like windows for running. PS it no good looking for Disc activity as they don't use the hard drive

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