installing floppy drive(power connection)

  PEEBLESHIREMAN 17:14 23 Jan 04

please could someone help I`m trying to figure out if floppy has its own power supply the same as hard drive dvd drive,its connected to motherboard at moment but thats it so far,bought second hand so no instructions,thanks for taking the time to reply.

there should be a smaller white 4 pin connector along with the mlex connectors (for the other drives) coming from the PSU. there is a corrsponding 4 pins on the back of the floppy drive. be careful to attach it the right way up. if you take a close look it will be obvious which way it goes but you could make a mistake if you don't

for mlex read molex

  spikeychris 17:28 23 Jan 04

Most computers have extra DC power cables available.

If there are no spare DC power cables in your computer you can get a “Y”cable. It can then be inserted between an existing cable and drive.

  PEEBLESHIREMAN 17:30 23 Jan 04

thanks very much believe that resolves problem

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