Installing DVD writer

  hastelloy 11:51 02 Sep 06

I'm trying to replace my 4 year old DVD ROM, which is playing up, with a DVD writer. I've followed the instructions - what there is of them - to the letter, incuding setting the jumpers to master. Boot up goes normally and it detects the new drive but then it freezes up. I don't know what to do now - any suggestions please?


  hastelloy 11:53 02 Sep 06

I forgot to say that I have put the old drive back and no problems.

  terryf 11:55 02 Sep 06

Is the dvd writer on the same cable as your hd? or on a separate cable

  hastelloy 11:58 02 Sep 06

I have 2 hds on 1 cable and the dvd writer and a cd writer on the other.

  The Old Mod 12:01 02 Sep 06

Hi, you have made the dvd writer the master, now make sure that the cd writer is set to slave, chances are that the cd writer is already set as master!
Hope this sorts it.

  hastelloy 12:05 02 Sep 06

The cd writer has always been the slave - I had assumed that it was set as slave - I've just checked and it is.

  terryf 12:07 02 Sep 06

try swapping slave and master?

  hastelloy 12:10 02 Sep 06

Thanks, I'll try that - does that mean physically swopping them so that the master is the 1st on the cable, or just switching the jumpers?

  The Old Mod 12:16 02 Sep 06

Hi the middle socket on the cable is for the slave, the end socket for master.

  hastelloy 12:29 02 Sep 06

I now have my cd writer as master and dvd writer as slave. This time it detected the new drive as dvdrw (before it was detected as cdrom) and the it detected the cd writer and froze!!! By the way I have to have the writer in the top slot as the cable won't connect to it in the bottom slot - the writet is about an inch shorter than the old one and the cable won't reach.

  hastelloy 13:00 02 Sep 06

Just realised how confusing that last post was - its the new dvd drive thats shorter and has to go in the bottom slot

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