installing aol8 on top of aol7

  newswatcher 13:01 24 Sep 03

Tried to install aol.8 from October cover disc
but found it interfered with dll files and reports
"missind dll"
Now can't even use my old aol.7 version because
of same error message.
Advice would be appreciated.

  johnbhoy 13:17 24 Sep 03

NewsWatcher - You could try either uninstalling AOL 7.0 and then installing AOL 7.0 or AOL 8.0 or try installing AOL to a different directory, instead of the default directory. This should hopefully cure your problem.



  Djohn 13:20 24 Sep 03

The quickest way is to un-install both versions from Control panel/Add/remove programs. It only takes a couple of minutes and you will not lose any of your settings as these are held on the AOL server.

You will be given the option to save two folders to your desktop for favourites and address book. Do this and then install version 8 and replace the two folders on completion.

On the setup window choose, updating account to same PC and enter your username and password. Don't choose new account, or additional account. This is probably where you may have gone wrong on the first attempt. Regards. j.

  newswatcher 14:47 24 Sep 03

Thanks to both JohnBhoy andDjohn; will try out
tonight on return.

  Mango Grummit 15:37 24 Sep 03

I've moved along with AOL since V4 or 5 using this method:-

What I did was take a backup of the Organise and Download folders from within the AOL7 programme. These hold PFC and Favourites. I don't trust anyone to get things right you see, they normally don't do they? Even AOL :o)

Then removed version7 completely, cleaned the registry and installed V8. Then copied contents of above two folders into the new programme.

Naturally I took a Drive Image immediately prior to doing this ... just in case ... but ...Presto, everything as before, only prettier!


  newswatcher 15:57 24 Sep 03

Thanks too to Mango Grummit. I only have a trial copy (freebie on diskette)of Drive Image, but
welcome the advice on these precautions.

  Djohn 16:05 24 Sep 03

Hi Mango Grummit, are you trying ver. 9 yet?

  holly polly 18:22 24 Sep 03

is version9 available then?-hol pol..

  Djohn 18:33 24 Sep 03

Keyword "BETA", [Thailand] very stable too. If you are on B/B, then 14 minute download, but must set up as a separate account, or will not work with B/B. Also communicator is now GM and works with IE and other email programs. Regards. j.

  Mango Grummit 20:42 24 Sep 03

Hi J, no not tried it. Will though later (on my "test" partition). Bit confused before I start though -- what do you mean "must be set up on a seperate account"??? As in set up a NEW screen name? Regards, Mango

  newswatcher 15:59 16 Apr 04

Successful operation, thanks to all!
Now working well, though continuing offensive
spam needs to be reported by the spadeload daily,
despite several sofware checking apps installed.

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