Installed Mobo and CPU - won't boot

  iced_ms 22:40 07 Jan 06

Any help would be much appreciated....I've installed a new, to her, mobo and CUP for a friend.
The mobo is ASUS A7V-E Socket A and the processor is Duron Spitfire 600mhz.
Everything seems to be lighting up OK, you can hear the internal noises of hd, fans etc....but there is no beeping and nothing appears on the screen...
I've checked the jumpers...i've set it to jumperless and as i don't understand the the DSFID switches i've set them all to off except 5 which it says is on for all settings????
The RAM is 2 slots of PC100, which i took out of her original machine so know is working OK..
So any ideas of what i could check....look at....:)

  Skills 00:22 08 Jan 06

Having a look through the manual here click here theres 2 sets of dip switches the set closer to the IDE ports should be set to 1,2,3 ON 4 OFF and 5 ON for the jumperfree setup to work with the other dip switch set to all to OFF. The jumper JEN which is in between the AGP and PCI slot should be set to 2 + 3 which is the default.

That allows any bus speeds to be controlled from in the BIOS so try setting it up that way and seeing if it will boot.

  iced_ms 00:37 08 Jan 06

Nice one skills...:)

  iced_ms 00:47 31 Jan 06

Just for information i'd fried the processor. I was installing an AMD 600, i didn't have a heatsink and fan.
Thought just booting up to post.....can't possibly fry it....wrong:)
Love ebay...don't mind helpin friends who can't afford new playing with computers
AMD 800 installed working...but still a few hiccups...which i'm sure i'll be asking for help with...... in the not too distant future:)
Thanks for the help Skills...without people like you i wouldn't be able to even try to...upgrade my friends computer....

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