Installation question

  Red Flag 10:22 20 May 03

After frying my last motherboard (doh) I am in the situation of having to rebuild my machine. I am using it as an excuse to upgrade other parts of my machine.

The bones of my new machine will be:
Abit KD7 motherboard
Athlon XP2100
2x 512mb PC2700 DDR ram
Geforce 4 Ti 4600 graphics card
Creative Audigy 2 soundcard

Fortunately before I started to tinker about with my old setup I backed up all my files that I wanted to keep. I want to do a fresh install on my system but will obviously need to format my hard disc to do this.

My question is, if I plug in my old hard disc to my new setup will I be about to boot up my old operating setup? I'm not bothered whether it works properly, I just need to be able to boot up in DOS to allow me to format the disc.

I am worried that I will have to buy a new hard disc when there is nothing wrong with it.

  Xevious 10:30 20 May 03

use a boot disk (floppy disk) which will enable you to boot into DOS, and has the format tools you'd need

  Tog 10:42 20 May 03

As Xevious says, a floppy is best, but if you don't have one, the system should boot from the old HDD. Once in, make a floppy and boot into DOS using that.

Depending on the OS, you could even try booting from the CDROM and formatting from there.

  Red Flag 10:45 20 May 03

Where can I get a boot disk and are there any guidelines on what I need to do?

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