installation problems with Canon camera

  ROYWIDD 21:09 09 Aug 05

hello,i have just bought a Canon A510 digital camera,having tried to install the software,i'm getting the error message"error number:0x80070725,incompatible RPC stub".I'm running WIN98SE,can anyone please help?Also,would using a card-reader remove the need to install the cameras' software,so i can at least d/load images to my pc?

  howard60 21:12 09 Aug 05

did you have the camera plugged in when you started the install? Canon normally say do not connect the camera until the software is installed.

  keverne 21:14 09 Aug 05

Have a look at this click here

Your suggestion of using a card reader is a good one. It's most certainly quicker and easier for me.

  ROYWIDD 21:16 09 Aug 05

hello howard60,no it wasn't connected,i tried several times to install the software from the disc,but keep getting the error message,can i get round this by just using a card-reader?

  ROYWIDD 21:19 09 Aug 05

thanks daconner,looks like a problem with my o/s?will a card reader do the trick?if the cam software wont install,i'd rather go down the reader route

  keverne 21:33 09 Aug 05

Yes, if you aren't comfortable with that Microsoft article then use a card reader.
As I said I prefer to download my images by card reader and then use PaintShop Pro to do any fine tuning.

  ROYWIDD 21:38 09 Aug 05

thanks daconner,i'm ok with the M/soft article,i just dont like their support line charges,lol.i'll get a reader tomorrow,and then use photoshop to tune the images.many thanks to those who replied

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