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Installation of Flatscreen

I have just replaced my old cathode ray screen with a new ViewSonic flat screen. It's great. There's one problem though. I keep getting a message telling me the settings should be changed to maximum resolution, but if I do this, the text, icons and so on become far too tiny. What can I do to solve this problem please?

Many thanks

  Stuartli 13:12 05 Jul 05

Right click on the Desktop>Properties>Settings>Advanced tab>Adapter>click on List All Modes button.

This lists the resolution and refresh rates of which the monitor is capable - select your preferred setting line (best to have a minimum refresh rate of 85MHz) and then Apply>OK.

  hssutton 13:13 05 Jul 05

Right click desktop and select "Properties">>"Settings">>"Advanced". Here you can adjust the DPI, I find a DPI of 96 to be sufficient on my 19" monitor.

Thanks Stuartli and hssutton but that doesn't work. For example my Yahoo 'e-mail' screen and writing are tiny and the colour seems washed out. Viewsonic recommend 1280 X 1024 @ 60 Hz, and that's what I've set it to.

  Djohn 15:10 05 Jul 05

1280x1024 is the correct setting with a refresh of 60hz for your monitor. Any other setting will not allow it to give its best display, this is one of the very few drawbacks of a TFT, but well worth accepting in view of all the other benefits you gain.

  hssutton 15:22 05 Jul 05

Yes 1280X1o24 / 60Hz is correct. I have rather poor eyes, but with a setting of 96 DPI I do very detailed graphic work. You say the colours are also incorrect, try this monitor calibration software C:\Program Files\Monitor Calibration Wizard\help\panel_main.htm. It does a good job and also it's freeware

  Muckle 15:25 05 Jul 05

You can switch to large icons (Display properties/ effects tab) and large fonts (Display properties/Settings/Advanced/General) within the desktop properties.

  Stuartli 15:49 05 Jul 05

Ah, a TFT. I had the impression it was a flatscreen CRT monitor...:-)

There's a native resolution and refresh rate setting as Djohn points out for the majority of TFTs.

  Stuartli 15:52 05 Jul 05

By the way, if you use Mozilla Firefox and/or Thunderbird you can enlarge or reduce the text size as you wish by using Cntl + or Cntl -

Thank you all for your help. Two other related questions please.(1)I use Yahoo web-based internet. How can I make the text box for that bigger or isn't it possible; and (2) how can I increase the width of the internet address line at the top of the screen which has now become tiny?

Many thanks for all your assistance - I'm ever so grateful.

  VoG II 18:11 05 Jul 05

To increase the size of the address bar, right click the toolbars, click on Lock the toolbars to remove the tick and unlock it. Click on the grey dotted bar to the left of the address bar and drag to expand it. Lock the toolbars when done.

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